This website is dedicated to bio.med.rix, a work-group at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology. We focus on research in computer vision and image analysis algorithms applied to two distinct areas of application. First, biometrics related applications like fingerprint analysis and facial image processing, and second, medical image analysis in the form of registration and segmentation algorithms. More...


Here you can find the latest news on our projects, new binaries, videos and publications.

2009-09-15 ICCV papers accepted
Link We contribute to the ICCV conference in Japan with a paper at the main conference (Saliency Driven Total Variation Segmentation) and a workshop paper at Subspace 2009 with the topic of 3D Morphable Appearance Models.
2009-09-01 Interactive 3D Segmentation
Link Our interactive 3D segmentation framework is going to be presented in the Austrian journal of Photogrammetry and Geoinformation.
2009-05-22 Oral presentation at MVA 2009
Link Matjaz Divjak attended the Machine Vision Applications conference in Tokyo, Japan. He presented a paper titled "Eye blink based fatigue detection for prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome".
2009-03-25 Publications accepted at OEAGM 2009
Link Two face analysis papers were accepted at the OEAGM workshop in Stainz, Austria. The papers are 'Robust Facial Component Detection for Face Alignment Applications' and 'An Automatic Hybrid Segmentation Approach for Aligned Face Portrait Images'.
2009-03-25 Paper accepted at SCIA 2009
Link Our paper 'Fast Robust PCA' was accepted at the Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis in Oslo, Norway. It takes place in June 2009.

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Biomedrix is an important figure in ancient Gallic-Roman history. Born in the same gallic village where famous Asterix comes from, he dedicated his life to two tasks. First, he guarded entrance to the village by applying biometric image analysis on guests. Features like fingerprints and recognition of faces after facial image normalization were used. Second, he was an apprentice to the great druid Miraculix, supporting him in medical investigations of inhabitants using modern 3D imaging devices like MR and CT.

Biomedrix Miraculix Antibiotix
It is not known exactly how Biomedrix looked like, historians still argue about that issue. A majority of historians assume him to be the person on the left image. Biomedrix was the apprentice of Miraculix (middle) and a good friend of Antibiotix (right).


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We gratefully acknowledge the work of Jakob Santner from the GPU4Vision group at the institute for the basic framework this web-site was built upon.